Quickly, Cleanly and Beautifully, FURUKAWA's PREMIERE Machine works.

FURUKAWA's PREMIERE Automatic Stamping Machine

Any form as you like, you can make shape.
  • It is able to connect directly with an encrusting machine
  • It is able to be operated without a person.
  • It can produce excellent and refined confections with using a set of upper and lower molds.
  • It requires only a small space and it is of high performance and inexpensive.
  • Molds can be replaced quickly.
  • Easy and safe operation.
  • It can treat a wide range of the weight of encrusting balls.

FURUKAWAS's PREMIERE Flour Removing Machine

Removing flour, more powerful if the shape is more complex.
  • It can remove flour completely on top, side and bottom.
  • It brings out the taste of the confection itself by connecting to Premiere Stamping Machine,
  • York or Mirin (Sweet cooking rice wine) painting give the best finish.
  • Flour can be used cyclically and you can cut loss.
  • The machine is inexpensive and the failure rate is very low.

FURUKAWA's PREMIERE Automatic Stamping Machine (Left) and
Automatic Flour Removing Machine (Right)

Production Line Configuration Example (1)

Production Line Configuration Example (2)

FURUKAWA's Premiere MS-58 has two functions of Stamping and Flour removing.

FURUKAWA's Premiere MS-78 has three functions of Flour Sprinkling, Stamping and Flour Removing.

FURUKAWA's PREMIERE Automatic Aligning Machine
Aligning accurately without scratches
  • Possible to align soft buns without scratches.
  • Possible to align in any number of rows by easy operation.
  • Small space is required to place the machine.
  • The mechanism is our original and ingenious.
  • Provides labor-saving greatly.
  • Safety is ensured in operation.

FURUKAWA's PREMIERE Automatic York Paiting Machine
  • Special mechanism is adopted to control the amount of york with the brush each time.
  • Easy to change the number of times to paint.
  • Easy to assemble and reassemble the brush, york pool and tank.
  • Compact, requires only a small space and easy to clean.

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